Tuesday, June 30, 2009

+Nuffnang CTR Bonus+

Extra easy money from Nuffnang .... good job to Nuffnang!
I have no regrets to join in the Nuffnang Blog Advertising Community ...

in fact I regretted that I did not join in earlier ....

I was so busy for the past weeks and do not have the time to view my earning stats and visitor stats in Nuffnang dashboard.

Then I notice how come my blog ads money increased a bit.Every dollar and cents count for my living especially for my new born junior soon ... thanks to my readers support!

Till I read this ....CTR BonusTo reward blogs for good campaign performance, Nuffnang will now be giving out bonus earnings for blogs that achieve a CTR (Click-through ratio) of 0.2% or higher on new campaigns that run on their blog. This figure is based on average industry standards.
Wow, this is so cool as it add extras money to my milk powder money savings!

cheque from Nuffnang ....

Thanks Nuffnang! Who says blogging can't earn money ....

Most importantly, THANKS to my readers and friends who helped to support my blogsite ..

really appreciate that!!

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