Thursday, February 26, 2009


These topics are specifically related to the exposures present in any office-retail environment with high traffic and can also be applied to residential environments.

1. Refrain from openly displaying expensive equipment (such as laptops, hand held PDA’s, etc.) to the public. Ensure that these items are not easily accessible from your reception area or to any passerby.

2. Always place your valuables in the trunk of your car or in a locked drawer/closet as soon as you are done using them.

3. Avoid leaving shopping bags or gifts inside your space when you are not there or where a passersby can see them.

4. Be especially watchful for suspicious persons on the property. Be alert of individuals who follow you and/or watch you place items in your car. Report all suspicious activity to security or your local Police Department.

5. Always lock your doors every time you leave.

6. Never leave your wallet in a jacket pocket, especially when it is on the back of a chair or a door.

7. Be aware of securing checkbooks, as these items are prime theft targets. When accounting for your checkbook, make sure all checks are accounted for in sequence. Often times, it is the checks from the middle or the back of the checkbook that are taken so the victim will not acknowledge it until some time later.

8. Avoid keeping large amounts of cash in your home or office.

9. Question visitors who wander through the site. Ask them,“May I help you?” Legitimate guests will appreciate the offer of assistance and would-be solicitors or thieves will be detoured.

10. Pay particular attention to securing or keeping closed the emergency stairwell doors at all times. Report to security immediately if the stairwell door was modified to be left opened or unlocked or if there are any visible signs of forced entry.


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