Monday, February 23, 2009


1. Oil, antifreeze and contaminants from car exhaust will kill fish when washed off roads into storm drains and streams. Fix oil and transmission leaks. Place a drip trayunder the car. Never dispose of used oils and antifreeze into gutters or storm drains, all of which empty into streams. Recycle used oil and antifreeze.

2. Wash cars with a minimum of detergent. Where possible, wash on gravel or lawns toavoid runoff entering storm drains. Never dump leftover detergents or cleaning compounds into gutters or storm drains.

3. Sweep your walks and driveways. Hosing washes litter and pollutants into storm drainsand streams.

4. Avoid paying your lot. Consider using porous asphalts, paving stones or bricks tolet water seep through driveways and walks.

5. During construction projects, keep wet concrete from storm drains and streams.It is very toxic to fish and other wildlife.

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