Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogging Skills and Tactics

Here I give you some of the skills and tactics on how to make your blog interesting.

1. Give your blog a singular voice with a personality. Your blog has to be authentic or other bloggers will figure it out.

2. Connect your products to interesting stories.

3.If you are short on writing time or stumped for ideas, consider developing a series of podcasts by conducting taped (audio or video) interviews on the top cool trends of interest to your audience or some other list-oriented topic. Then, you can break up the interview into individual segments to be doled out on whatever basis you normally post.

4. Invite guest bloggers who have something interesting and pertinent to say. But don't abdicate your responsibility to communicate with your readers by featuring a constant rotation of contributors, If there is someone else in your company who has great ideas to share, then give this person his or her own blog.

5. Pay attention to your blog post titles. Catchy titles get picked up by news aggregators, and give your blog wider exposure.

END.Lets see a Humor story:
HuMor 1
HumOr 2
Humor 3

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