Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bras for Dummies

Getting the right bra for any occasion...

Plunge Bra
This type of bra is best worn with v-necks. It happens to enlarge and sculpt the overall breast to perfection, by pushing the breasts together.The weekend bra: Great if you're lounging about the house. With underwires, seamless stretch cups and skinny straps, it could be the lightest bra in your drawer. Perfect for the weekend lounging.

No-Wire Bra For Traveling
There's nothing better to prevent discomfort on a long haul flight. This bra has no underwire, seamless cups, wide shoulder straps and a below the bust-line band. Plus, it means you won't set off the security gates at the airport either!

Convertible Bra
This bra has straps with clips which can be positioned to give five different positions such as halter, criss-crossed, over one shoulder, over both shoulders and strapless. This is most definitely a must have for any women.

Contour Bra For T-Shirts
Great for wearing under a t-shirt. It has skinny straps, flexible underwires and soft seamless, spongy cups give boobs a very smooth finish.

Lower-Back Basque
Comes in handy for those low back dresses. If you're a D cup or larger, a low back strapless Basque offers more support than a normal backless bra because the ribcage at the front takes the weight off the breasts. However, if your dress is cut so low you can see the top of your bum, you will need backless support.

Balconette Bra For Round-Necks
The cups are under wired, padded as well as low cut. As they mould around the breasts, they expose the upper part, giving breasts a lifted up effect. Straps are thin and wide revealing the maxim amount of cleavage.Remember to check your boobs regularly for lumps and irregularities. One in nine women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime.


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ok, i am one of those dummies here, can u put some illustrations for a better understandings, i guess picture speaks better language bro....

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goof info.
love this post!

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