Monday, March 16, 2009

Romantic idea.

This piece contain advice on idea to give gestures on romance for you partner if you are completely clueless in what to do as a romantic gesture.

This is a continuation of ideas I feel happiness in knowing that I am helping people be more romantic and saving what could be a rocky relationship. I do say this to people within relationships be honest because hiding your feelings is never good thing, honesty is the best policy.

If you are planning a surprise romantic gesture try to keep it secret as it has more of an effect on your lover.

A note to purposing lovers be careful make sure you know how your partner feels about you there's nothing worse than purposing to someone who does not feel the same about you it heart breaking and discuss these things with your partner first before jumping the gun.

1. A really romantic idea as a romantic idea which can be used for an anniversary is, personalizing a box of chocolates or wine saying e.g. people stay or float away but the fact that you're always there by my side proves that you will never go away. This is a really nice gesture to put on a gift specially if you want to personalize it to purpose to your partner.

2. I know one I idea that happened to me it was Valentines Day and my boyfriend which is now my fiancée bought me this lovely key which had an ingravement of key to my heart then it had a poem next to it.

3. Romantic dinner all cooked yourself ,if your purposing hiding the ring box in the napkin

4. A really romantic purposal idea is a picnic on the beach until the sun is at set then purposing on the beach.

5. If you want to enchant your partner, buy a big bag of tea light candles round about 100-200 and spread them throughout your area BUT AS A FIRE RISK DON'T LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED AND MAKE SURE THE AREA IS SAFE FROM CATCHING FIRE. Remember to turn lights off and then lead you partner into the room with eyes closed, spread rose petals on the bed or area.

6. Home cooked meal for two a note for men if you provide a home cooked meal for your partner I can reassure you they will be dazzled and yours forever specially if you incorporated the tea candles throughout the area of dinning ,along with romantic music I suggest the music from the film American beauty or along the line of soft music.

7. If you have a big garden or go out to a field a picnic can also romantic at night you might want to make sure that it's a dry clear night so you can both see the stars very romantic

8. Write a note or poem to her/him saying you feel about them or put it in a piece of art work.

9. Take your partner out to the orchestra that is related to romantic songs

10. Go and see a romantic film.

11. Go for a romantic night walk across the beach in summer this is a very romantic way of purposing if you thinking of doing that sort of thing

12. Spread strawberries and cream throughout and enjoy.

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