Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Games and Cheat Codes

With increasing gaming and online portals for games users are flying high and enjoying the ease of access to their favorite games. From super Mario to strategy games lime War-craft 3 and Age of Empires many games have been able to touch people of all ages.

Game zones have become hot and even few sites lime www.moola.com offers a way to earn for gamers. Though it is not yet officially available to users other than US and Canada but people are enjoying online gaming.

Along with increase in graphics and multimedia in games users are looking forward for some new exciting ways of enhancing themselves with more skills to win games.
One tactic that has become popular among users is the use of cheat codes in their favorite games.

Games like Grand Theft Auto, road rash, Warcraft 3 etc. have become famous enough for their cheat codes. For example, in Warcraft 3 if you uses cheat code “whosyourdaddy” you can kill your opponents with one click and “greedisgood” increases your money balance in the game.

When research was carried out among gamers about the use of cheat codes 60 percent of people found it useful and exciting while rest found it boring enough to take away their skills of gaming.

While people were found of desktop games now is the age of animated and graphical laptop and mobile games. Lot of mobile purchase comes with free game installations and business of gaming is increasing and is bound to increase in time to come.

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